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In a world where many things are changing, in a world where the things we used to get for free are now being paid for, in a world where uncertainty is starting to reign,

In a world where your worst nightmare is to wake up with no job and no money in the bank account, in a world where for most of us the past is better than our present and our future unpredictable we are constantly saying” the good old times”.

In a world where the poverty line is getting more crowded than ever before there is an urgent and increasing need to gain control both over ourselves and our environment.

In a world like this we need more than a mundane job, we need more than what we will eat today, we need more than just to survive we have to know that we will survive no matter what in order to feel secure enough to undertake greater things!

The following are the reasons why entrepreneurship is the best choice you can ever make in life

·      Entrepreneurs are their own bosses. They make the decisions. They choose whom to do business with and what work they will do.

They decide what hours to work, as well as what to pay and whether to take vacation.

Entrepreneurship offers one of the most precious gifts on earth which is “options”, now with this art you can have anything you want, as an entrepreneur everything is our available option to choose! 

·      Entrepreneurship offers a greater possibility of achieving significant financial rewards than working for someone else.

In a paid job you never have the control over what you get paid, it is always someone else who says what you get.

 The only option to get more on your monthly check is by getting new job or getting a promotion on which, you don’t have control either.

Whether you can work more hours and even work during weekends and vacations you won’t get paid 10% more that month.

In your business it is exactly the contrary, you can decide on how much you pay yourself, you get the exact worth of your efforts as the more hours and effort you put in the more the money you get.

·      It provides the fun, sense of control of involving in the total operation of the business, from concept to design and creation, from sales to business operations and customer response.

·      It offers the prestige of being the person in charge; when you are the entrepreneur you get to control what has to be done and how it gets done, remember that time where you could just see that something was done wrongly but you couldn’t change anything because someone else had ordered that it be done that way?

·      It gives an individual the opportunity to build equity, which can be kept, sold, or passed on to the next generation; what Is the probability that if you invest 10,000 you can make 1,000,000 from it?

The probability in real life is almost zero but in entrepreneurship things are made possible.

By buying shares in a certain company, your money increase in value as time passes on and after a certain time your investment can triple or even quadruplet.

The best thing is that these shares can even be passed on to your kids, then to your grandkids etc.


·      There is a legacy in entrepreneurship; I can give a thousand years to show me where a parent in his/her testament can say that I leave my job to my kid and I assure you the thousand years would last before you find that person.

But with your organization It is a different thing, you can leave the venture to your family, you can leave to your family an unlimited source of income that can sustain them till the other generations.





·      Entrepreneurship creates an opportunity for a person to contribute to community welfare. Most new entrepreneurs help the local economy.

New ventures mainly in the developing countries are the primary sources of employment, through starting your venture you not only transform your life financially but also you participate in boosting other people’s lives


As people, we all have the need of fulfillment and importance which awaits to be satisfied, greatness to be unleashed. Entrepreneurship will give you the type of adventure you crave, that life that is fueled by your passion, fueled by your vision of how things should be and at the end of our short lives we can remember everything we been through just to realize that we’ve lived a life worth it, that we’ve lived something bigger than ourselves which will outlive our simple input. Then at that moment you will know that you are a fulfilled man/woman and regret nothing!


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